After reading this interesting blog post:, I was inspired to try (it’s free, for 250 concurrent simulated users) to see how would handle the load.  Apache bench had been useful previously and motivated the install of WP Super Cache. has prettier charts, and has a nice chatty recommendations section that sounds like that hacker friend you always wanted.

Blitzing your server

After futzing with that, and disregarding the obvious point that 126 concurrent users on this blog is about as likely as a vogon construction ship appearing over the horizon, the next step seemed to be better caching in front of PHP.  Ewan’s blog post moves into varnish + nginx configuration, but for some irrational reason I’m attached to apache.  Preventing traffic from even hitting my dinky (they’re awesome, try them!) VPS seemed like a better idea.Off to, and one free account (plus some wait time for DNS to propagate) later, my server is seeing a lot less traffic.

Of course, now I can’t compare the results because cloudflare sees a load test as a DOS, but looking at the web logs there is less traffic hitting the server.”How much less?” – off to install, and start charting.  But that’s another post…

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